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Initially established in 2004 at The Eagle, an innocuous gay bar in London’s Vauxhall, HorseMeat Disco has evolved into a powerful force in queer and club culture as a whole, whilestaying local to its original home, each and every Sunday. Co-founded by James Hillard andJim Stanton, and encompassing residents Severino and Luke Howards, the crew continue to maintain not only the weekly Sunday party, but a number of residencies in cities across the world, alongside a kaleidoscope of club appearances, festival dates and specially curated mixes.Taking inspiration from a diverse, counter-cultural history of clubs and DJs, as well as from the sprawling, ever-expanding musical collections of it's resident crew, the sound of HMD is impossible to place. Nonetheless their style is undeniable, as is a popper-scented air of sheer authenticity. Rooted in hedonism, rhythm, freedom and emotion, a Horse Meat Discoset reinforces everything invigorating about disco, as comfortable as shattering old-school mirror ball cliches as basking in their light

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